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Ridin down the street in my 6x4

2016-05-06 22:51:31 by Shauna

So I guess I'm posting this video here because Newgrounds is one of the few places where people don't have their heads up their asses. You guys are the most open minded people I know, so here it goes. 


I rather lay the facts out there then argue for a million years that will get me no where.




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2016-05-07 00:09:45

Ah, the pus we drink, yum! Good vid for the most part! Industrializing food from the ground up is pure madness. Extreme vegans should support anti-trust suits against the biggest argi-businesses, before the land is unrecoverable from all the petroleum based products in use today.

Ok had to stop when I heard green house gasses, but she's wrong, there is enough land to have a much safer food supply, it just takes human work/micromanagement and a common sense approach to nature. Food quality used to be pretty sweet in the 20th century, now there's less ppl working and more profit taking going on. It's the root of evil, money...

Veganism's cool, also quite a respectable challenge to live that kinda life these days. Ugh, I bought 2 heads of greenhouse lettuce recently, both gave me the round-up shits |: Fuck Monsanto, and keep up the good work.... why are there a shit-ton of nanas behind u?

Shauna responds:

I eat about 15 a day!


2016-05-07 03:47:54

nice picture Shauna (a little bit to young or slim for my personal taste, but, that is okay ^^)

and hello, I'm back ... btw, hello also @ VicariousE

Shauna responds:

26 isn't so young! XD


2016-05-07 11:07:23

your hot like fiya, nice bananas by the way


2016-05-07 16:37:42

There's something in those eyes...

Going to check out the video later, eating dinner right now. My aunt grew her own lettuce, potatoes, green beans and eggplants. Haven't tried the eggplants yet...


2016-05-13 10:28:04

Your right sweet Shauna, not so young, only a little bit slim, but normal, vegan. ^^