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Entry #35

It's time

2016-05-13 22:45:24 by Shauna

You knew the greatest DJ in Berlin


And yoga time! Woooo!  1451539_146319390923_1.jpg


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2016-05-14 07:36:01

dangerously skinny

Shauna responds:

I'm in the normal weight category for my height, I'm average :)


2016-05-15 20:52:17

Lookin good


2016-05-18 17:21:53

Dem abs!


2016-05-22 17:46:52

I've never seen anyone that skinny before. I'm from mississippi

Shauna responds:



2016-05-22 22:16:45

good job on slimming down


2016-05-25 23:40:59

They did bump the normal weight number down in my lifetime, can't help but to think multiculturalism may have had an impact. Lol, anyway just wondering what sorta proteins you've been frequenting... used to love shucking peanuts and cashews, shame prices haven't come down on the latter |:

Shauna responds:

lots of greens!


2016-05-26 04:56:41

We used to say to our corn customers, "2$ a dozen for the corn, the meat costs extra", 1 out of every 4 or 5 cobs had a borer worm or two, we picked them early enough, so they didn't cause more than a few kernels damage. We'd burn the stalks but... yeah, my folks were always looking to sell the farm, and the law in our state said we'd have to wait 5 years after a crop burning to sell... only takes one asshole to upset the applecart I guess.

Okay, so what greens got dat juicy protein? Broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts are my faves (also touchy to grow), but I got no clue on nutritions.


2016-08-07 21:27:23

mmmmmmhhhhhh, dear Shauna, a wonderful picture ... (5 stars)

... btw, you make me wish ... I would be one vegan eater guy. ^^


2017-07-13 04:02:41

Like @Neoslayre, I'm also from Mississippi. Have seen people this skinny before, js.

Grats on UOTD!


2017-07-13 07:51:07

good job

have some eggs or something now